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How to Customize Marketing Sheets

  1. Download the customizable marketing sheet by clicking on the thumbnail image of the marketing sheet on the product page.
  2. An Adobe pdf file will open, use your cursor to customize the text marked as “Agency Name”, “Agency Website” and “Phone Number.” Use those fields to input the appropriate data. Once the data has been customized you may print the file.
  3. You may save the original file, but the changes made to the document will not be saved unless you are using Adobe Acrobat Professional.
Click on the marketing sheet below to try customizing.

  • Allied American Underwriters
    Allied American Underwriters (AAU) is a program manager that offers programs for commercial lines to USG retail agents and other distribution channels i.e.: wholesale and direct. There are three divisions: Workers Compensation, Programs, and Environmental.
  • Brokers Financial Services
    Brokers Financial Services, Inc. (BFS) provides commercial insurance premium financing for both USG agents and non-USG agents.
  • BFS Inspection Services
    BFS Inspection Services provides commercial P & C inspection and risk management services to carriers, wholesalers/MGA's, program managers/MGU's and other insurance industry customers. We offer customizable solutions unique for your needs to create a complete underwriting picture, including platforms and reports.
  • Into Innovations
    Innovations is a full service marketing, advertising, and technology firm that works exclusively with intangible products, specializing in insurance and financial services.